Enter The #CHSummerSlapShot Snapshot Challenge! 📸 ☀️ 🏒

Enter The #CHSummerSlapShot Snapshot Challenge! 📸 ☀️ 🏒



Our annual Summer contest is back, but this time there's a new twist! We want to see your hockey talents on display while you're rocking your CoolHockey jersey.
Submissions can range from simple stick-handling to something more intense such as target shooting or a trick shot. Let's see what you can do!

Not the greatest hockey player? No worries! It's not all about your skills, we want to see you get creative and have some fun out there this Summer. Show us what you can do in your CoolHockey jersey and you could be a winner!  

The top four submissions (as judged by our Marketing Team) will be put to a public vote, with the winner taking home the grand prize of

$250 CH BUCKS! 🤑

Submit your photo or video submissions via social media before Monday, August 29th for your chance to win! Make sure you tag all your entries with #CHSUMMERSLAPSHOT to ensure we see them all!




Contest runs from Friday, August 12th to Monday, August 29th 2022 @9AM EST. Submissions will only be accepted via social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) within that time frame. All submissions must be tagged with #CHSUMMERSLAPSHOT for entry to be accepted. 

CoolHockey does not condone or encourage anyone to perform any stunts or dangerous activity that may cause harm to a person, animal, or property. Any photo or video submission that contains content that we deem dangerous or inappropriate will be immediately disqualified at our sole discretion.
CoolHockey reserves the right to repost or share any content, photo, or video submissions through its online and social channels. By submitting content to Coolhockey you hereby allow CoolHockey the right to repost and share your content, and agree to release CoolHockey and any of its affiliates from any legal recourse whatsoever with respect to usage of your content submission.
CoolHockey takes no responsibility for any injury, accident, or damage stemming from your Summer Slapshot Snapshot attempt. Always be aware of your surroundings and ensure that any trick shots are set up in a safe and responsible manner.